During the course of steroids, your body needs an increased content of all the nutrients of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. You need to eat hard to get all these essential nutrients, but in addition to the main food in Ireland, you can also additionally use sports supplements to help you fill the missing components from the main food.

As for steroids - yes, there is harm and is even noticeable to the naked eye. The effect of taking steroids is stunning anabolic, but only at the time of taking medications. And at the end of the course of admission, often all the achievements fall to the original level and in addition there are big health problems. We all know this well. But steroids are not sports nutrition! Remember this. But anabolics - we'll talk separately.

Go ahead. Chocolate bar. Is it harmful, or useful? For teeth it's bad, but for health it's useful, if not get carried away. Wheat porridge? Is it harmful? Yes, if you devour it within 2 weeks. Allergy is assured. And in the East in ancient times the execution was. The prisoner was fed with one meat and nothing more. He soon died a painful death. Harm in all. But normally eating, we prolong our lives and, most importantly, health! We return to the chocolate bar. Chocolate contains cocoa, useful fats, sugar, milk and other useful foods. Moderately consuming chocolate, we improve the work of the brain and internal organs. The same protein bar from the category of sports nutrition. A common bar, but consists predominantly of foods rich in protein and carbohydrates. Usual sports bar. How can there be harm from it? But it's sports nutrition.


    Proteins are the most popular and most commonly used sports supplements in Ireland. They   are   different   types of   this   whey, casein,  soy,   egg. Protein - a   protein   which   is   for   your   muscle   building   material. The protein   consists   of   a large   number of   different   amino acids,   and   they   in   their   turn   are divided   on   nonessential   and   essential. Proteins   need to   especially   drink,   when   you   go through   a course   of steroids   to   make up   your    rules   protein.   At   1   kg.   your   weight   you   every day   should   get   2 - 2.5 grams of   protein.   With   the main   power supply   which   must   be    from   you   not   less than   4   times   in a   day,   it does not   always work   to get   the rate of   protein   so   athletes   and    start to   consume   protein.   The protein   is produced   in   the form of a   powder,   it   is better   just   to drink   with   skim   milk,   2 - 3 times   in the   day,   in   the intervals   between   the main   meals.   Protein   is best   of all   to digest   and   in   most   large   amounts of   it   in the morning   after   sleep   and   immediately   after   your   workout.   Protein   is necessary   to drink   necessarily   a   complement   to the   main   power supply,   but   not   in place of   it,   how   do   some   athletes.   It is better to   just   drink   a protein   in the morning,  when   you are   just   that   woke up   and   have   you   no   appetite,   that   something   to eat.   In   this   case,   you   will be able to   learn   from the   30 - 50  grams of   protein   for   a   time.   After a   half   -hour   after   that   how   you   drink   protein   can   proceed   to   breakfast.    After   a workout   directly   in   the gym   is also   very   good   to drink   protein,   it   will be acquired   in the   course of   20   minutes   while   you   take   a shower   and   get dressed. In the morning   and   after   a workout   is better   just   to drink   whey   protein   it   faster   just   to digest.   In the evening   before   going to sleep   better to   drink a   casein  protein   it   longer   to digest   the remaining   proteins   and   could   in the   time   of your   sleep   constantly   maintain   in   your   body   all the   amino acids.


     Gainer - racing   additive   with   a large   content of   carbohydrates   60%   and   an average   content of   proteins of   30%.   Gainer   in   mostly   athletes   consume   up to   and   after the   workout.   That   would   load   in   itself   quickly   assimilate  carbohydrates   and   proteins.   Carbohydrates   are   our   energy   to   help   them   in   us   it appears   endurance   and   good   performance.   Before   training   if   drink   gainer   for   1   hr.   Do   you   pass   the whole   exercise   with   a   good   impact   muscles,   you   can   quickly   recover  between   approaches,   your   endurance    significantly   increased and you are not going to quickly get out of the forces. At the time of intensive training you are able to spend a large amount of glycogen in the muscles. His need to be sure to fill with the help of carbohydrates which are in Gainer. Glycogen is responsible for your muscle endurance and performance. If you will fill the glycogen in your muscles after a workout Gainer, it is very beneficial impact on your training in general. Gainer is better just to use the athletes who are not inclined to corpulence. And for beginners athletes in which the weight of the body is low. This they are able to increase the caloric content of their food, which necessarily lead to an increase in muscle mass, strength and intensity of the training in general. Not worth drinking gainer the athletes in which there is excess fat, that would not gain even further extra kilos, for them the best of all suitable proteins and liquid amino acids.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


    Creatine  -  perhaps  also   one   of the most   sought-after  sports   supplements.   Creatine  is the most large amount in red meat is beef, turkey and red fish. Creatine is produced by our body independently about 1 gram per day. And in the middle we eat a meal 1 gram of creatine in the day. This is for the exercising athlete too little and so many athletes replenish creatine with the help of sports supplements. Creatine helps us make a more powerful peak contraction of our muscles. With the help of creatine we can train more intensively and continuously. Creatine adds our explosive power and more persistent muscle endurance. Our muscles when filled with creatine are able to cope with a large and powerful loads, muscle fatigue stops us trouble and we are able to raise in the exercises over a large weight of the bar, that makes us a strong and massive. Creatine can be and need to eat during the time course of steroids and after a year, that would be it to enhance the action of steroids and achieve a great result. Creatine use with phase load is the 1st week of 25 grams of creatine in the day, and after to maintain for 5 grams of creatine in the day, to over 1 - 1.5 months. But you can , and without phase load to drink creatine of 5-10 grams in a day. At over 1 - 1.5 months. After this follows at 1 month to stop receiving creatine. Creatine is better just to drink in the morning after sleep and immediately after training, to dilute creatine well with the sweet juice or honey, this way you are making the transport system of creatine with the help of which he will be better assimilated. Better to just creatine drink at the end of a steroid course and after it on during 1 month in this way you will be able to help your muscles to avoid phase catabolism during which there is the destruction of your muscle fibers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


     Glutamine - is  the most   important  amino acid   in   our   body.   It   is   60%   of   all   amino acids.   That   says   about   the fact   that   it   is   in   our   muscles   in a   very   large   amount.   Glutamine is    the most   quickly   and   strongly   helps    us   to build up   muscle   mass.   Also   glutamine   helps   restore  our   muscles   after a   heavy   intense   workouts.   In   the course   of which   we   get   microtrauma    in   the form of   micro-cracks   and   micro-   ruptures   of muscle   fibers.    Glutamine   is able to   quickly   fill   and   fix   the   place   on   which   was   micro-   gap   fibers.   And   the most   important   in   the fact   that   the   place   where the   soap microtrauma will melt more strong and resistant to the subsequent training. Glutamine is able to make our muscles more strong and massive. So the glutamine makes stronger our immune system to different kinds of diseases. Glutamine is better just to drink 10 grams in a day after training. Glutamic amino lot in different meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs, but the additional intake of sports supplements all the same desirable in the course of steroids and after its completion. What would prevent the phase of catabolism, at which there is the destruction of our muscles.                

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