Because lately every other subject,the injection, injection pain (PIB), etc... I think that now is the time to publish thematic issues and answers.

Many newcomers have an erroneous opinion about all injectable steroids, that they are very strong and not less dangerous. If we consider the market of anabolic drugs, then we can conclude that oral is much less, and injections are just a lot. Many people want everything to be the other way round! Because, despite the fact that athletes are strong and large, most simply do not tolerate the process of the injection itself, and some refuse because of ignorance how to make the injection itself.

To buy and make an injection of steroids is actually very simple, you just need not much knowledge, and practice will show that everything is very simple. One has only to remember that anabolic steroids are never injected into a vein, but only intramuscularly. There are no such drugs that can be put into a vein, this is unacceptable and dangerous. Many drugs are not bosom and except for piercing the skin, the athlete does not feel anything. Therefore, do not be afraid of a painful procedure.

1. Take a needle with a wide lumen in the quality of injection devices. I use an 18 gauge needle.

- It will help to make a set of the drug faster. From 18 to 20 – perfect for a set.

2. Avoid using same needles for selection and induction.
The point of a needle will become dull after the first puncture. The use of such needles will not be as smooth compared to new.

3. Enter with 23 "caliber" and above
- 23-25 caliber ideal for most formulations (of mixtures) on a buttery basis. Some use a larger caliber, but I have no patience.

4. One-inch needle for all injections
With the exception of the gluteal muscles, for which you can use 1.5 inches. But a one-inch needle is suitable for buttocks.

5. Worried that there is not much substance in the needle? Leave a little air in the cavity of the needle prior to injection.
- Use this air bubble to the introduction of the remaining oil out of the needle. Don't panic, the air will not cause you any harm.

6. Fill your vial or the cavity of the needle with hot water
- Hot water will help with viscosity and will make the injection smoother, softening.

7. Keep your hand stable as possible and firmer.
- The tip of the needle like blade, the extra traffic will cut through muscle and cause injection pain .

8. Inject slowly and take breaks
- Enter very slowly. Stop for a few seconds and continue several times. Also, this approach will help to prevent the "cough".

9. Never use alcohol wipes on the needle.
I heard that people do that. It is generally a bad idea. Needle and so sterile.

10. Produce aspiration everywhere, but not during subcutaneous injections and injections in the deltoid muscle on the shoulder
Always, through the aspiration, make sure you do not hit a vein. Even in the deltoid muscle. Do not perform aspiration during subcutaneous injection.

11. Relax and never over-exert your muscles during the injection and the introduction of the drug.
- Relax your muscles as much as possible and do not pinch the skin.

12. What if my syringe blood?
- Remove the syringe and do the injection in a different place. The blood and everything.

13. A little oil came out after I took out the needle, should I be worried?
- A drop or 2. Don't worry. Googling "Technics injection Z-Track", if you are so worried.

14. You need to put the needle in fast or slow?
For subcutaneous injection can be entered quickly. For muscular – at a normal pace. For 2 seconds for 1 injection.

15. The blood spurted, I die?
- No, relax. Always be prepared to cover the injection site. You have a great process of blood clotting.

16. How many times do I have to wipe the injection site with alcohol?
- Enough times. Many people like to do it twice, anyway it will not hurt.

17. How to avoid getting into the nerve?
- Easy to avoid in sciatic nerve. Just hit the outer quadrant of the buttocks. In other as necessary – either get or miss.

18. I'm trying to inject the oil, but the piston is stuck and not moving.
- You probably caught in the scar tissue. Adjust the puncture site.

19. How to give an injection into the biceps right?
- The biggest mistake – introduction to the top. Start from the side, from top to bottom.

20. What injection site do you use?
- Chest muscles, Delta, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, trapezius, glutes, spinal muscles. At any cost avoid injecting in calves.

21. Do it hard to wipe the top of vial?
- No, not necessarily. The alcohol kills anything on contact. Just make sure the surface is covered with a couple of napkins.

22. What if we barter no alcohol wipes? What else can I use?
- I can't imagine how anyone copes with this problem, but you can use hydrogen peroxide.

23. Can I mix the mixture in one bottle and enter?
— Yes, all input can be mixed. Oil and water can be mixed in one bottle. You get a lovely injection in the form of a lava lamp. (here is the question, friends).

24. What should I use for subcutaneous injections?
- Use insulin syringe. Using human chorionic gonadotropin, water-based, or vitamin B12, take the calibration syringe 30 and above. For the oily base – size 27. I use 5/16 half inch.

25. How often can I inject in the same place?
Alternating, alternation, and once again the alternation. Always alternate places.
I don't do injections in the same place at least 7 days.

26. Do I need to pinch the skin before a hypodermic injection?
— If you are skinny, you don't need. If you are fairly lean, you may need it. In any case, nothing to worry about.

27. I can fill syringes for later use?
— You could, but depending on the part, the tool may corrode plastic, then you will make the injection plastic.

28. What you can do with injection pain?
— First of all, do not whine. Secondly, I do not believe in injection pain. You just uncomfortable. Cm. #6 for 90% of cases.

29. When the needle goes in my muscles spasmodically clenching, why?
- Most likely nerve damage. Change the injection site if the spasm is very strong.

30. Can I use the same needle for the next injection?
- In any case, are you an idiot? Forget about it. Needle carrier. They are not so expensive to risk the health.

31. Oil in my bottle was cloudy, it got corrupted?
Yeah, it got corrupted. You can try to fix it by heating. See Lab hints.

32. If I pull out two vials, how do I introduce air into both if I have already pulled the piston into the cylinder?
- Mmm. Enter the air in one and not start with it.

33. If they will kill me the air bubbles if I have them enter?
- No. It is necessary to introduce an incredible amount of air. We're talking about 100 cm3 to kill a man.

34. What is the amount I can enter at a time?
- Depends on the size of the muscle. Most can easily withstand a 3 cm3. Quads and glutes can handle more. For subcutaneous injections is not more than 0.6 ml.

35. As soon as I do an injection, I start sweating and I feel a little dizzy.
- Stop the injection and sit down. This parasympathetic vascular reactions and can cause you to faint.

36. What can I do for pain relief of a site for injection?
- Again, do not whine. But I'll ice it