Stack steroids is a combination of different steroids, the ultimate aim of which is to increase the total number of effects, and not its individual parts. Basically, it's a combination of steroids, the ultimate goal of which is to make 2+2=5. However, it is a little bit more. The increase in the total effect of decreasing (reducing) side effects.

People have taken steroids steroid from the very beginning of the game. For people who use steroids don't need much time to understand that a combination of steroids can worsen the results of their admission. Almost a synergistic effect is that even when eating small quantities of milligrams of steroids, you get the greatest effect.

There are several reasons for combining of steroids. Some may say that the Stack steroid is inevitable as testosterone, in the opinion of many (not entirely wrong), is perceived as a suspension of testosterone, which must be present in order to replace the endogenous production of biological testosterone which stops while taking steroids. Thus, any other Supplement any other steroid thus creating a "stack". Although it is true, that's not all. It was discovered that a stack of steroids increases the results. For example, it is believed that 500 mg of testosterone combined with 500 mg DECA Durabolin, would benefit more than 1,000 mg of testosterone. Why? Easy, DECA is more powerful than testosterone, thus, acquired more. Although this makes sense, but is that all? If that's the case, then how can you properly form steroid stack on the principle of the advantages of the "2+2=5", while reducing possible side effects?

In order to solve this, I think, first you need to take a step back and consider the different derivatives of steroids from the 3 main steroids, how they differ and how to combine them wisely to maximize the benefits and reduce side effects.

Steroid basics


First on the list are steroids based on testosterone. Examples of some of them can be Dianabol (D-bol), and Testosterone, Equipoise (Boldenone), T-bol. The basis for all these steroids is testosterone. Almost all of them, like testosterone, aromatizers in estrogen in varying degrees. You need to take this into consideration when taking testosterone steroids during the stack, to plan prevention/management of side effects of using aromatase inhibitors to control estrogen.

19-nor (nandrolone decanoate)

The basis of all these steroids and 19-nor testosterone. This small group consists mainly of trenbolone and nandrolone with different esters. As already mentioned, these steroids – progestin similar to progesterone receptors and are assumed to increase prolactin. What you also need to remember the dopamine receptor antagonist should always be at hand to control prolactin. These steroids to a small extent (if at all) aromatizers into estrogen. That, however, does not mean that they do not affect estrogen levels. By indirect methods it has been proven that nandrolone increases aromatase expression and, consequently, the levels of E2 (estradiol); trenbolone is similar to the beast with many unique properties, may be part of the stack in combination with experimental steroids.


Another very popular steroid in the past, which is now replaced by sustanone. These drugs contain four male hormone esters, but differ somewhat by the active components used. In addition, modern sustanin has a higher quality and almost no side effects.

In the last century Omnadren was also widely used, like methandrostenolone with retabolil. Thanks to these drugs, more than one generation of athletes improved their athletic performance. However, the times have changed and now you can find on sale a much larger number of anabolics that are of high quality.

It's true that you can not get them in a pharmacy, but you can do it on the network. Today, there are a large number of reliable online stores that sell only high-quality sportspharm. There are a lot of new drugs that are more effective than the old ones.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

These steroids are DHT based. They do not aromatizers into estrogen. The primary aspect associated with steroids based on DHT, is manifested in those men who are prone to baldness. DHT is an androgen which is primarily associated with hair loss. The introduction of steroids on the basis of DHT can lead to such side effect. There are several ways to combat this phenomenon, such as local anti androgens, spironolactone and Nizoral shampoo. Examples of steroids based on DHT: stanozolol , Primobolan , Oxandrolone , Masteron and a few others.

So now we know the 3 different steroid bases, but what does it matter to start the stack? How to get and use this information for effective stack? I think the best way to approach these issues – consideration of courses of steroids from the beginning with the subsequent addition of courses to understand how we can apply and use this information to come up with several effective combinations of stack steroids.

Many (including me) believe that the first course should be a solo rate of testosterone. This is for many reasons, some I will describe, because I believe that is a wise choice of course. First, testosterone is a hormone that is produced endogenously. Given testing echtgenote (exogenous test), will perform the same functions as the endogenous testosterone. Our body already has this hormone, using it at the first stack, we just increase the amount of available testosterone. This steroid is considered to be the father of all steroids, and the basis of all steroid stacks. First and foremost, for the aforementioned reasons; the body is necessary when we take steroids, our body ceases to produce, it makes sense to introduce a low testosterone to make up for its deficiency in the body.

Testosterone is also aromatize (like all steroids based on testosterone) to estrogen in order to avoid unhealthy and unpleasant side effects. By continuing, you will understand that the presence of multiple side effects that need to be addressed, not to diminish the importance of regulating levels of estrogen. We need to understand how to regulate the level of estrogen in the body, the faster we do this, the better for us. It is not only the key to the regulation of side effects directly related to E2, but the key to managing the "effects" created by the steroids on other grounds. On top of that, testosterone is not only simple, but very effective steroid. It works and operates perfectly. So, to summarize, it will be the basis for all subsequent stacks because it is efficient, as it needed by the body and because regulation of its side effects is crucial, it makes sense to take testosterone during the first year. Also, there is a sense to take only it to assess its impact on our body and effectively assess the effect of adding other steroids in conjunction with testosterone to build muscle.

So you launched your first course, say at a dosage of 500 mg per week. You handle E2 during the course of taking aromatase inhibitors such as Exemestane and arimidex. With IA you take hCG in small doses throughout the course. Have you made appropriate thrombocrit (say nolvadex and clomid) at the right time, and the recovery is good. Your diet and training was the topic, well you add, manage side effects, and recovery is good. All of this should be confirmed by blood tests. A blood test before the course identifies the original digits (data), analysis of blood in the middle of the course to determine needs adjustment E2, and analysis after the course will show restoration of function of growth factor gepatotsitov. So for the next year? You waited the required time and carefully consider your options. You can once again test the course, which is fine. Maybe slightly increase the dosage, and can follow the same. Unable to take oral anabolic (methane) is the first 4-6 weeks, to boost the duration of the course. All is well, reasonable.

Considering my first steroid stack I would look at 2 steroid basics and would choose one of them. You have to stack steroids are based on testosterone in the form testosterone, you know how you react to them, how to manage E2, accepting the IA, with the usual dosage is 500 mg per week. This is valuable information and knowledge that you can apply the first stack. Now, considering 2 other steroid available basis, and considering their effect, you need to start to make a decision. At present, both 19-nor are very interesting compounds. They are both very effective in the weight, however, DECA is a milder drug with fewer side effects, but still very powerful anabolic for excellent results. Choosing between the two, I would advise to try the Deck first of the 19-nor. It would be prudent to find out how you react to the deck, before considering the question of incorporation of TREN in any course. What about DHT? Steroids based on DHT is very interesting because it does not provide exciting results, as such, but they can show some great effects, desirable at various points. They are androgenic , but not aromatizers to estrogen and most of them do not build significant mass. For building mass, one of the best steroids based on DHT, in my opinion, would be Anadrol, Anavar and Winstrol, the rest can affect your body, but mostly at lower % body fat. Summarizing the abovementioned, we can say that steroids based on DHT produce a more aesthetic effect than the effect of mass (with the obvious exception of Anadrol).

What I can offer based on the above? I would suggest Stack testosterone + DECA. Let's say, 500mg of testosterone per week 400 mg DECA per week. The dose of IA should be the same as testosterone only at the beginning of the course. Now another thing you need to worry about DECA increases the expression of aromatase, it can lead to higher level E2, as in previously conducted a course of steroids based on testosterone. This may lead to a slight increase in IA, and maybe not, but it's something You should be aware of. This is one hell of a stack, where the right knowledge allows you to be alert, to anticipate events, and not to oppose them. Also, as I mentioned in the description of 19-nor steroids, they can increase prolactin. Which indicates sexual dysfunction or lactation. It could be fixed with dopamine agonist – Pramipeksola. Keep it handy during the reception soundboard, or TREN. As already mentioned, first of all, the key to the regulation of side effects begins with the regulation of E2. If you properly regulate the level E2, you can avoid many other potential side effects. The knowledge acquired during testosteronemale of course, will be invaluable in the regulation of estrogen. Use them. Also experience will be very useful thrombocrit, as well as the experience of the receiving human chorionic gonadotropin. As you can see, the first course of testosterone will give you the information and experience remain invaluable.

So you had a cycle of testosterone and may have changed course, increasing the dosage, etc. Then You had testosterone/19-nor course. You know how to regulate E2, you are aware of the intake of human chorionic gonadotropin and timely thrombocrit. You know how you respond to steroids based on testosterone, and 19-nor. The course is going well. What's next? Maybe it's time to enter in the course of steroids based on DHT. You have solid experience and knowledge to conduct a course of testosterone, as testosterone+19-nor. Maybe it's time to see how the steroids based on DHT into the mix.

From what DHT steroids to start? As I said, many of them involve aesthetic changes, rather than have properties for building muscle. Nevertheless, there are exceptions, and I'd offered to take one of the 2 steroids than those "exceptions". That is, the next stack can consist of 500 mg of steroids based on testosterone, 400 mg DECA, say, 60-80 mg Oxandrolone or stanozolol for 8 weeks. The addition of DHT steroids will allow you now have a stack consisting of 3 types of steroids. Adding DHT will do a few things, and some do NOT.

Let me clarify one thing: no DHT steroid is not and can not replace IA. Steroids based on DHT will compensate for the ratio of androgen/estrogen, thereby reducing the likelihood of gynecomastia, but, nevertheless, they do not regulate the levels of estrogen. For this You need to take IA. Using previous experience, you will know exactly what should be the dosage of IA. Side effects from DHT steroids should be disturbed only prone to baldness people. Ways of dealing with this phenomenon – the local anti androgens, spironolactone and Nizoral shampoo. Now is the time to mention that during steroid stacks we feel not only side effects or their potential. Sometimes the efficacy of the drug offsets the side effects. For example, stanozolol captures, but does not activate progesterone receptors. DECA is a progestin. The intake of stanozolol and decks can mitigate the effects of progesterone, stanozolol actually prevents the influence of the soundboard on progesterone receptors. And feedback – stanozolol is known for such side effects as pain in the joints, and DECA the pain resolves. The combination of these 2 drugs will allow you to obtain the advantages of both, the mutual reduction of side effects! Amazing synergy! You see, you get the benefits for not only muscle but also other synergistic effects while reducing side effects.

So, we have an example solo testosteronemale of course, testosterone + 19-nor Stack and Stack testosterone + 19-nor + DHT. As you can see, a little knowledge are important, but nothing beats your personal experience and your reaction to each drug. The best part of all of this is interconnected. For example, over time, I came to the conclusion that suits me low-dose testosterone, high 19-nor and a moderate dose of DHT. Knowledge of different steroid bases, different effects on each individual steroid, their interaction, will allow you to properly combine the Stack, which will come only to you. Of course, You can make 2+2=5, can reduce side effects and increase benefits. Take the time to learn about the 3 steroid bases, particular steroids of these groups and of their individual effects. A systematic approach will allow you to try different stacks in accordance with Your goals that will help You to find the one that will be effective for You, reducing side effects and enhancing benefits. This is the whole process. As for the first course and the first stack, that is, a technique that drives you crazy and makes people assume that got. Knowledge is acquired and accumulated, allowing the best use of some mixtures and explore your body, its reactions and demands to manage side effects. It is important to do things right from the beginning. The learning curve would be much better, and your results, and pleasant moments of taking steroids.

I know it helps some people, feel free to comment, ask. List several of your favorite stacks and why you like them. Remember too, not sensible; it is better to start with small doses of multiple compounds, is the Foundation. You will not regret it. I do not wish to do so.

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